Providing an enhanced lifestyle, our apartments deliver not only the experience you would expect from a Sana Living property, but also the unique combination of safety features, smart design and luxury in unbeatable locations.

Apartment living is a great option for those seeking secure, independent living.

Below are a few benefits to living in a Sana Living SDA apartment: 


For some, a move to one of our apartments could be the ticket to contemporary metropolitan living, where a house may not be available. Sourcing locations in flourishing hotspots of major cities, proximity is the key when procuring a Sana Living apartment.

Our development team source the best possible locations based on how close they are to major amenities including public transport, medical centres, shopping and retail hubs, entertainment and dining, parks, and other services.

As a result, most of our apartments are located at the centre of everything. With almost everything you need at your doorstep to thrive; apartment living boasts a totally different energy to a villa or house.


For some people with a disability, moving into an apartment might be met with apprehension.

When you consider that most of our dwellings are built for those with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs, we know that not all occupants of our apartments will have the capacity to act swiftly during a building evacuation without assistance. Obviously, this increases the importance of advanced safety features in our apartments.

Our tenants are our priority and we have included features beyond the recommended SDA standard by the NDIA.

Sana Living home automation

Our apartments include the following safety features:

  • Building codes ensure that in every emergency scenario, enough time is possible to allow evacuation of all people by Emergency Services, including those with mobility impairments needing assistance with their evacuation.
  • Every tenant in an apartment will have an individualised Personal Emergency and Evacuation Plan (PEEP) written, so there is no doubt or confusion about what to do in the event of an emergency.
  • Smoke detectors included in all areas.
  • Automatic spring fire rated doors and fire rated walls throughout
  • Fire sprinklers located throughout.
  • Back-up power system.
  • Emergency call system and onsite staff

Sana Living facilitates access to a concierge support service in all apartments. This means you will have access to a dedicated disability support worker 24/7. On top of your chosen personal supports in the apartment, you can rest assured that back-up support is always close at hand.

Meticulously planned and featuring the latest technology, our apartments have been designed to help individuals live as independently as possible, in a safe, supportive environment.

SDA apartments at Velocity in Cannington


With an array of assistive technology inclusions, our apartment designs raise the standard for disability apartments for rent. At every turn you’ll discover an appliance, a device or a space that will change the way you’re able to live.

Delivering features that allow for greater independence is our aim when we carefully select home automation inclusions. We choose our various systems and designs to cater for a range of requirements, with functionality in mind. Every aspect has been considered to ensure you live in comfort and style.

Just like any other private home, all of Sana Living apartments are for individual participants, and those whom they choose to live with (as per NDIS rules). The kitchen, living and dining areas are yours alone (and any family members you may choose to live with), so you can play your music, watch your shows, and ultimately live how you want live. It is not a workplace – it is a home, and any staff who visit are just that – visitors, not co-residents.

Generously sized with touches of luxury throughout, every Sana Living apartment is fitted with high quality finishes and treatments. Light filled spaces, a modern kitchen, private ensuite and balcony, air conditioning, automatic blinds, automated entry and doors, and (in most cases) a second bedroom are standard.

Common pool area at Dianella SDA apartments

Finally, apartment living has a real community feel. Sharing a building with others enhances the opportunity to connect with neighbours and those living around you from all walks of life; especially in one of our apartments with added in-house amenities. Some of these include resident dining, BBQ pavilions, wine cellars, gym, saunas and swimming pools.