Collaborate with Sana Living

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) was introduced to allow people living with a disability better opportunities for independence and choice.
Our SDA homes offer Participants the opportunity to live in a beautiful new home, complete with a fully accessible design, ample space, quality appliances, and the latest in assistive technology.

Sana Living believes in genuine independence between SDA provider and care provision. That is why Sana Living do not provide care supports in our homes. We also believe that to offer true choice and control, Participants who live in our SDA homes, must be given a choice in Support Provider.

The Support Providers we collaborate with are so important to us. Our goal is for all our Participants to feel in control of their environment in every way, which includes who will be in their home every day providing support.


We have, and will continue to collaborate with, a number of well-respected Support Providers and other organisations, offering combined guidance during the application process to achieve the best outcome for Participants living in our homes.

For Support Providers who have clients eligible for (or exploring) SDA, we can establish a close working partnership; to design and build homes specifically for those Participants, in requested locations, under the SDA design specifications required. These partnerships equip Support Providers with a go-to SDA, and allow us to create the best – most suitable home possible for those they support.

Interested in working with us?

If you are a Support Provider for people living with a disability, work with clients who may be eligible for SDA, and are looking to cultivate relationships with SDA providers that focus on Participant needs, you can register your interest here.
As a partner of Sana Living, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Request bespoke homes in chosen locations for your clients already exploring SDA options.
  • Present your organisation to Participants already approved to move into Sana Living properties, where tenants will vote between you and other Support Providers.
  • Provide support to Participants living in our homes.
  • Participate in cross promotional and marketing initiatives to build awareness of SDA.

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