If you’re living with a disability that includes extreme functional impairment and requires a very high level of physical support, then chances are you’re currently living in some kind of supported accommodation.  While it’s great that you have access to adequate assisted living, it may not be under the greatest conditions.

Most people requiring wheelchairs, as well as assistance with transfers and personal care, rely on whatever accommodation is available. Sometimes to get the necessary support, results in a compromise of independence, comfort and control.

In 2016, the NDIS began rolling out funding for approved participants requiring Specialist Disability Accommodation (or SDA).  This fell under 4 design categories including Improved Livability, Fully Accessible, Robust and High Physical Support.

However, when building began and the first group of Disability Accommodation was released, there were a few deficiencies reported in both the quality and standard of the accommodation, and the process to get the funding approved.

Thankfully though, with the housing standards now set (as of October 2019), the quality of homes has improved. Additionally, companies like Sana Living have recognised the overwhelming task of having SDA housing funding approved and their service includes guidance right up until the day you move in.

So, here are the top 3 reasons why you should be planning your move into Specialist Disability Accommodation with Sana Living.

  1. Increased choice and control.

Whether you are seeking a shared home, villa or single occupancy apartment, there are options in a selection of suburbs close to amenities.

Not only do you get to select accommodation in a suburb of your choice, you also have a say in who provides the on-site support. Not all NDIS approved housing providers allow that choice so if that’s important to you, make sure you’re choosing a provider like Sana Living that discuss your support preferences.

People living with a disability have been limited in their options because they have been forced to live in accommodation and suburbs where the support was available.

Specialist Disability Accommodation changes that.  As it should.

A report from the University of NSW and the University of Tasmania observed that because individual’s goals and preferences are different, the aim of NDIS is to “diminish uneven power relations between people with disability and the people and organisations supporting them.”

NDIS funded disability accommodation was structured to enable individuals with a disability to have more choice and control to deliver a better quality of life.

  1. Increased safety and comfort.

Most SDA housing should now be designed to boost function and to provide an enhanced living experience. Whether it’s a share home, villa or an apartment, the new standards should ensure you feel right at home.Sana Living, who were building beyond the standard before there were officially any standards, provide homes that are a result of input from a wide range of disability specialists, setting a new benchmark in disability housing.

Securing locations in sought after areas and safe neighbourhoods and providing peace of mind should be a priority for all providers of SDA. But it shouldn’t stop with the suburb. Sana Living homes are thoughtfully designed properties, with both safety and convenience in mind.

Combining the latest in smart technology with touches of luxury, plus the security of access to 24-hour onsite support, accessibility has never been more in reach.  Specialist Disability Accommodation should create a more comfortable and independent life.

  1. Increased opportunity for connecting with others.

If you’ve been living in a shared facility, the option for complete privacy isn’t always a possibility. Anyone with a disability deserves dignity and respect, and yet something as basic as opportunities to spend time with family or friends in a private setting is not a given. By designing spacious homes with private bedrooms, ensuite, verandas and balconies, providers of SDA homes are offering a solution to the lack of privacy many people are experiencing in their current living arrangements. Participants will be able to have visitors on their own terms in their own space.

With a rise in SDA homes and apartments now in the development pipeline, there’s never been a better time to make a move. If you think you’re eligible for an SDA accommodation then speak to someone who can guide you through the process of funding, home selection, and moving in.