I’m fairly independent and like to know as much as I can for myself, but as with anything you learn more as you go. Tara Brian (Tenancy Manager at Sana Living, WA) has been there every step of the way with advice on which forms I need to fill out, who to speak to, best way to fill the forms out to get the best results.  I’ve always believed I need to fend for myself and a home like the ones being built by Sana Living would help me to be more independent. As I get older having things like the celling hoist and all that kind of thing, I’ve just fallen in love with their homes.

With SDA there is an automated entrance, so I have no chance of getting locked out, there’s no issues or struggles with the front door, it’s those kinds of things that give me a bit more security and independence and give the people in my life that peace of mind. And that’s an important part of the process for me. Moving into SDA is not just about what I can do for myself. An important part of this for me is also about how the other people I care for are feeling. As I get older, knowing I’ve got this kind of thing set up means a lot.

Nick, NDIS Participant and Sana Living Tenant

My brother Heath is a participant, and he has recently moved into SDA with Sana Living, and with Ability Centre and is living with his support provider. It’s been a fantastic experience for us, he’s now living in really stunning accommodation, and we’re very happy as a family that that has happened.

Renay, Family Member

It’s such a contemporary, welcoming, modern home, that will provide a great place for people with a disability to have as their home into the future. Now that we’ve got processes sorted out ppl with Disability across Western Australia will be able to journey through the process with their providers and with organisations like Sana, as they engage with NDIS and get into these sort of homes far more quickly than otherwise they would have been able to.

Jacquie Thomson, CEO Ability Centre