NDIS funding is a great initiative that can help people live the independent lifestyle they desire.

One service the NDIS can supply funding for is specialist disability accommodation (SDA). SDA can help to improve people’s lives by providing the ability to live out day-to-day life more independently, requiring less support from others.

Funding through the NDIS is crucial for many people living with disability and particularly those who live with a significant physical impairment and otherwise would not have the means to obtain SDA.

Are you wondering if you are eligible for SDA funding? Navigating the NDIS support services can be tricky at first. To help you out, we have compiled some information on how to apply for SDA funding.

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

SDA is a type of housing that has been specifically developed to meet the needs of those with a mobility or physical functionality disability.

This accommodation can include features such as assistive technology (home automation), level surfaces to avoid the need for ramps, accessible bathrooms and kitchens, and additional provisions depending on the needs of the individual.

What is SDA Funding?

SDA is one of the support funds supplied by the NDIS.

If you are approved to receive this funding, it will be included in your NDIS plan. The level of funding will depend on your requirements and can only be used for SDA payments.

Who Can Access SDA Funding?

SDA funding is not available for everyone living with a disability; in fact only about 6% of Participants in the NDIS scheme can access SDA. It is only available to those who require accessibility features in their home to help create an independent lifestyle.

Those eligible for SDA funding include:

  • People with an extreme functional impairment in one ore more areas of mobility, self care or self management, and those with very high support needs.
  • Those who meet the citizenship or visa requirements for receiving NDIS support.

SDA funding will be included in your NDIS plan. Your plan will be made when you become an NDIS Participant, often with the help of a Support Coordinator.

However, if you believe your accommodation needs have been overlooked, or your situation has changed, you can request an NDIS plan review

How to Apply for SDA Funding: 5 Key Steps

If you are new to the NDIS or an existing Participant who needs to update their NDIS plan to include SDA funding, please follow the below guide for assistance in navigating the SDA funding application process.

1.        Check Your Eligibility for NDIS Funding

If you are not already receiving NDIS funding, you first need to check whether you meet the NDIS’ specific eligibility criteria to become a Participant. You can check this via their eligibility checklist.

For further assistance in applying to the NDIS, please refer to our NDIS funding Guide.

2.      Check Your SDA Funding Eligibility

Unfortunately, not all NDIS Participants are eligible for SDA funding.

To meet the SDA funding requirements, you must have an extreme functional impairment or high support needs. You also must establish that SDA housing will improve your independence and lifestyle.

If you believe these things to be true, please continue to the next step.

3.     Gather your Supporting Documents

It is important to justify your eligibility for SDA funding with supporting documents.

For a seamless application process, we recommend you gather the following documents:

  • Allied Health Functional Capacity Housing Assessment Report, specific to SDA
  • Home and Living Supports Request Form
  • Personal Housing Statement
  • Additional supporting documentation such as a Psychological Assessment Report and/or a supporting letter from a GP.

There are also multiple booklets and checklists available on the NDIS Booklets and Factsheets web page that can help with the SDA application process

If you are applying for NDIS for the first time, also ensure you gather all the supporting legal documents listed in our NDIS funding guide.

4.     NDIS Planning Meeting

If you are applying for SDA funding at the time of becoming and NDIS Participant, you are able to discuss your SDA eligibility in your initial NDIS planning meeting. It is also important to have a housing related goal included in your plan, explaining that you would like to explore your housing options.

However, if you previously did not require SDA funding, but you circumstances have changed, you are able to request a review of your NDIS plan, and have a housing related goal added.

5.     The Next Steps

After your NDIS planning meeting, the NDIS will provide you with some funding to explore your housing options, and a Functional Capacity Housing Assessment will need to be completed by an Occupational Therapist (or other Allied Therapist), which will determine whether you do or do not qualify for SDA funding.

If your SDA funding is approved by the NDIS, you can contact an SDA Provider (such as Sana Living), to discuss the level of your funding and the SDA housing options that are suitable for you.

How Sana Living Can Help

Are you struggling to figure out whether you or a loved one is eligible for SDA? Or are you having an issue navigating the application process?

For more information on how to apply for SDA funding, please give our friendly team a call on 1800 951 420.

We will be more than happy to provide you guidance on all the in’s and out’s of the SDA application process, as well as information on the NDIS SDA funding levels and the types of SDA we supply.