If you have a plan or even a goal to move into Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), you’re probably aware that at the moment with the NDIS funding approval process, it’s a bit of a waiting game.

It’s frustrating for most, but currently the timeline from finding out if you’re eligible to moving in – can be up to 9 months! For a bit of unfortunate perspective, that’s the same amount of time it takes to make a human.

The supply of SDA homes in WA is currently exceeding SDA approvals, but falls very short of the predicted demand.

If we consider that the SDA providers are lining up to supply housing, but people are waiting long periods of time to get their approvals, it is clear the market still has a long way to go.

This is where the introduction of Medium-Term Accommodation can assist, ensuring you don’t end up in aged care, stuck in hospital or in an accommodation crisis.

Medium Term Accommodation (also known as MTA), refers to temporary or transitional accommodation for NDIS participants who have a plan, and are preparing or waiting to move into a more permanent SDA home.

The NDIS funds Medium Term Accommodation for eligible participants for up to 90 days.

Funding for NDIS participants who require temporary housing while they wait for permanent housing options to be ready is available now, and thankfully it’s a funding approval that takes less time than long term accommodation options.

In December last year Minister for Government Services and NDIS Stuart Robert, announced the introduction of funding for medium term accommodation, announcing, We don’t want people in hospital or aged care settings any longer than they have to be and by introducing funding for medium term accommodation, we’re addressing those challenges.”

Mr Robert said that Medium Term Accommodation would also address a number of key COAG disability reform council targets, including their commitment to have no new younger people entering aged care by 2022.

Medium Term Accommodation might be used in any of the following situations:

  • You’re waiting for SDA funding to be approved but need to move now.
  • Your funding has been approved but you’re waiting for SDA to become vacant or built but need to move now.
  • You’re at risk of being admitted into aged care.
  • You’re in aged care and wanting to leave, waiting for SDA to become available.
  • You’re living at home with family members and arrangements are not working out.
  • You’re wanting to leave hospital but waiting for suitable accommodation to be ready or home modifications to be made…
  • You’re in a living situation where you or your support arrangements are posing a risk or crisis.2

The funding that is available is described in the NDIS Support Catalogue as:

Medium Term Accommodation and covers the costs of housing.  The support component of the care is to be claimed separately at the relevant time of day and day of week. This item can be used for periods up to 90 days.

The current amounts (27 March 2020) are:

  • $138.92/day for National Non-Remote
  • $194.49/day for National remote
  • $208.38/day for National Very Remote

(all prices currently include a COVID19 loading).

It’s important to note that if a person moving into MTA due to a crisis or some other exceptional circumstance – where they have moved without having a housing plan or long-term accommodation option identified, there are procedures in place to make sure they don’t get stuck in temporary housing.

Those procedures include:

  • An interim NDIS Plan for 3-6 months at the most.media
  • At least 2 hours per week of Support Coordination to explore other long term housing possibilities
  • More than enough Core Supports budgeted into the NDIS plan so that the person is well supported in the interim housing option.
  • Adequate Capacity Building Supports budgeted into the NDIS plan so that the person can be supported to continue to build their independence and not deteriorate while they are in any given temporary housing option.

Sana Living is dedicated to providing disability accommodation for those living with a disability, and provide both long term and Medium Term Accommodation. Our commitment to increasing independence and comfort for people with a disability remains whether it’s for 3 years or 3 months.


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